new pics!

Marco loves this book!


Marco enjoys watching ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’ with Mom and Dad 🙂


Finally, video proof of our beautiful boy’s skills! 😀 He walks like he’s had too many margaritas, but it looks cuter on him than it does on me. LOL

Eating habits

Marco loves food. He will eat anything put in front of him, which makes his parents very happy! We try to keep Marco on a healthy, organic diet whenever possible (which it isn’t always – sometimes a peach is just a peach).

It appears my plate is empty, Mom.

BREAKFAST FOODS (always accompanied with 8 oz of organic, unsweetened soy milk)

organic mini waffles (he loves these for breakfast)
sliced bananas, plain whole wheat toast
scrambled eggs (organic hormone-free cage-free brown eggs)

LUNCH FOODS (accompanied by 8 oz water or 100% carrot juice) and DINNER FOODS (accompanied by 8 oz organic, unsweetened soy milk)

grilled cheese on whole wheat
organic, unsweetened peanut butter and raw honey on whole wheat
organic, unsweetened peanut butter and organic berry conserve on whole wheat
cheese quesadilla on whole wheat flour tortillas
Dr. Prager’s Spinach Littles, Sweet Potato Littles, or Broccoli Littles – these we get from Whole Foods, and are SO tasty!
sliced fruit salad, made up of 2 or 3 of the following: watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, peach, oranges, banana, and grapes)
cheese pizza on whole wheat crust
grilled organic cage free chicken and string cheese (he loves cheese!)
sliced tomatoes, avocado, and a handful of Annie’s organic whole wheat bunny crackers
grilled veggies (mushrooms, tomatoes and corn)

SNACKS (accompanied by water, 100% apple or 100% carrot juice)

Annie’s Organic whole wheat bunny crackers
fresh fruit
Annie’s Organic fruit snacks
Sunny Days organic fruit snack bar
Plum Organics Fiddlesticks (organic fruit and grain snack sticks – pretty tasty)

PB & Honey!