Ham and cheese

New pictures! Marco is a ham. He loves posing for pictures, and will usually give me a grin when I ask. 😀 Lucky for us, because we love to photograph this handsome gent. Case in point: these pics of little man on his slide. Marco climbed and slid down his slide 20 times in a row, and each time he waited at the top and smiled – he wouldn’t slide down until I said “Cheese!” and clicked the shutter.

Haven’t posted height and weight in a long time, so here are the most recent numbers:

15 1 /2 months:

Height: 31 3/8″ (85th percentile)
Weight: 26 lbs (just under the 50th percentile

At last count, Marco has 8 top teeth and 10 bottom teeth! Unfortunately, they’ve all come in fairly close together – we’ve had some fun teething days.