cream and sugar

My little Peter Pan…

First time having real ice cream! Strawberry ice cream from Three Twins Organic in the Oxbow Market. He LOVED it!

Anyway, as you can see, his hair was getting pretty long. We figured that it was probably time for a haircut. So, Mom and Dad took Marco for his first REAL haircut at a barbershop! You guys…this place was legit. Two old guys reading newspapers, actual barbershop poles, sports on the ancient tv.

For the first minute, he cried.

But then he was fine, and he thought it was kind of cool. 🙂 Especially when he got to pick out a Tootsie Pop!

So handsome!


Marco and his mom and dad went to a Gender Reveal party for his friend Isabella’s parents! Turns out, Isabella and her big brother, Caleb, are going to get a new baby brother!

Hayden was there to enjoy the festivities, and he took his job as valet very seriously. 🙂

Marco got things grooving in the kitchen – boy loves to dance!

Marco and Hayden cleaned up the balloons

Then Marco kissed Isabella

and Hayden kissed Isabella

Then Marco was like, “Say whaaaat!!?”

But he and Hayden hugged it out LOL

Hayden and his mommy read a good book

And then my sleepy boy was ready for his nap.

This boy

loves his soy ‘chik’n’ nuggets.

He also is 33 inches tall and weighs 29 1/2 pounds. WHOA.

New words (previous list HERE)
Instead of ‘otter’, he now says WaaWaa (Water)
Pees (Please)
Nana (Banana)
Elp (Help)
Dow (down)

Marco now tells us whenever he wants or needs a diaper change.

He’s been out of the high chair for awhile, but now he’s tired of the booster seat with the tray attached; we’re starting to leave off the tray and let him eat from the big boy table. 🙂

Marco loves to read his books, and lately his favorites are:

I Am A Bunny by Richard Scarry
Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle
Mr Pusskins: A Love Story by Sam Lloyd
any of the Sesame Street board books (he likes to point out the characters)

Marco is starting to like Caillou on the Sprout channel, and the other day he was trying to sing the theme song. So cute!