Bright star

Marco received a special gift from Mom & Dad for Christmas – an acoustic guitar! His face lit up when he unwrapped the oddly shaped box and saw the instrument inside.

IMG_7535 (Large)


A few days after Christmas, Grandma Lori, Grandpa Keith and his aunts Mandy, Hayley and Maddie were treated to a performance!


Comedy act

Just a few bits of Marco’s ongoing comedy routine…

Marco: Mommy, I’m tired.
Me: Me too.
Marco: Oh no. Mommy, you’re five tireds!

Marco slipped on his step stool after brushing his teeth, and smacked his little bum on the edge. He started wailing and with tears streaming down his face, yelled: I NEED A NEW BUM! MOMMY!
Me: Marco, you don’t need a new bum! It’s okay.
Marco: I need a band-aid on my bum!

Marco: You my fwend?
Me: Yes, I am your friend.
Marco: Daddy my fwend, too?
Me: Yes, Daddy is your friend too.

After finding Marco in bed with two cars and a train whistle:
Me: Marco, I told you no books and no toys in bed!
Marco: Mama! I no has no books!

Tim tried to put him in bed at 7:55pm. Marco looked at the clock.
Tim: Marco, it’s bedtime.
Marco: No. Not like this! (he stood with his arms at the 8 and 12)

Marco: Mommy, you silly.
Me: Why am I silly?
Marco: You kiss Daddy! You silly.

One of our favorite radio stations is 89.9 KDFC, a classical station. We listen to it every morning on the way to school. One morning, we heard one of my favorite pieces, ‘Night on Bald Mountain’
Marco: Wow. That song is crazy.

Marco, Tim and I were getting ready in the morning. He started staring very intently at my wedding/engagement rings.
Marco: What that?
Me: My wedding ring. It means that I am married to Daddy.
Tim: Yep, mommy and daddy are married. I have one too.
Marco: Me too! I’m married too.
Tim: Who are you married to?
Marco: I married to Mama!
Me: You can’t marry mama.
Marco: Otay. I marry teacher Lizzie.
Me: She’s a little too old for you.
Marco: Umm…I marry Judah. (his best friend)

Marco came into the living room after he was tucked in for the night.
Marco: There monsters in my room.
Me: What do we say to monsters?
Marco runs down the hall to his room.
Then he slammed his door.


Family visit

In November, Marco and his parents had a visit with his Uncle Josh, Aunt Katie, and cousins Lizzy, Joshua, and Julianna, visiting from Washington. The kiddos had a great time playing in the sunshine!

cousins (Large)

Marco and Lizzy
DSC_3800creamy (Medium)U ncle Josh and Julianna

DSC_3794 (Large)

DSC_3810 (Medium)

IMG_4822 (Large)

Joshua Jr and Lizzy

DSC_3828\ DSC_3823sooc (Medium)


IMG_4827 (Large)Watching Peter Pan!


A trip to the zoo

Heading into the city – a beautiful day for the zoo!

“Dadda! Monkeys!”

big kitty

Riding the steam train with Mama

Snuggling koalas

Making friends with the goats

Marco carrying his booty – he loves a sale 😉

On the way home from the zoo, little man decided his elephant was a girl, and he named her Eva (picked all by himself!). Marco had such a good time at the zoo, Mom and Dad bought a membership!


Last month, Marco visited the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo with his mom, dad and Grandma Denyse.


The day before the trip, we showed Marco a picture of the jaguar on their website, and the entire drive over he chanted ‘Jaguar, Jaguar!’.

Grandma bought Marco a stuffed jaguar and he named it Roar. It’s now one of the more popular babies in his collection.


Marco’s grown so much in the past month, and I want to keep as faithful a record as I can of his development – so here’s the list of words and phrases he’s said in the past few weeks:

Woo (Roux)
Abeler (Stabler)
Co (Chloe)
Tank oo (Thank you)
Elcome (You’re welcome)
Otter (Water)
Ape (Grape)
Nigh-nigh (Night night)
Ga-ga (Grandpa – lol Lady Gaga)

He gives lots of kisses and hugs, and likes when we give his stuffies kisses. Today, he even grabbed his monkey and his Pooh bear and had them kiss. SO ADORABLE.

Marco’s eating habits are still good; the only change is he won’t try meat. I’ve given him chicken (he’ll sometimes eat if I put in a quesadilla), turkey (no), fish (no). We’re thinking it might be because he’s never seen me eat it – I don’t know if that’s something he’s picked up on, and thinks that it’s bad. If we put meat or fish on his plate, he eats everything around the meat. My vegetarian boy, I guess! His favorite foods right now are:

Grilled cheese – we’ve started using a new recipe, from Deceptively Delicious; the grilled cheese with Butternut Squash puree is so good! Marco is enjoying the change!
Whole wheat crust mini pizzas
Soy nuggets
Coco Pop popcakes from Whole Foods – super tasty organic whole wheat, corn and rice cakes
Tomatoes! He’s been so happy with our tomato plants in the garden; he loves to pick tomatoes and snack when we play outside.

During our trip to Disneyland, we stopped off at a CPK for dinner – he ate the entire plate of pasta shown above! LOL

He’s wearing a size 18 months in regular clothes, but his pajamas are all 2T or 24 months; his shoe size is 6.

Our little guy has all of his teeth now, with the exception of his 2nd molars. Evidently those will show up by the time he’s 3. I’m pretty impressed with his chompers!

I’ll be posting a few videos soon, so stay tuned.