A very late photo gallery of our Disneyland trip! 😀 This was Marco’s second trip to Disneyland, but his first time seeing it all decked out for Christmas.

It rained on the 2nd day for a few hours, but we didn’t let that deter us from having a good time! It happened to coincide with our lunch, so we feasted at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. Marco was so excited that he could see the “pirate boats!”.

His favorite rides this trip were: the train (we took the trip 5x), Pirates of the Caribbean (5x), Peter Pan, and the Haunted Mansion (2x). Another favorite was the fireworks show in front of the castle. Everyday he says “Mama, I member the castle! I member fireworks go BOOM!”


Marco and his mom and dad went to a Gender Reveal party for his friend Isabella’s parents! Turns out, Isabella and her big brother, Caleb, are going to get a new baby brother!

Hayden was there to enjoy the festivities, and he took his job as valet very seriously. 🙂

Marco got things grooving in the kitchen – boy loves to dance!

Marco and Hayden cleaned up the balloons

Then Marco kissed Isabella

and Hayden kissed Isabella

Then Marco was like, “Say whaaaat!!?”

But he and Hayden hugged it out LOL

Hayden and his mommy read a good book

And then my sleepy boy was ready for his nap.

1st Halloween!

Marco was just the cutest trick-or-treater ever!! We went with our neighbors, Jill and David, and their daughter, Emiline. Lots o’ fun!!

New pictures :-)

Marco’s busy weekend consisted of swimming, playing, and cuddling with friends and family