Bright star

Marco received a special gift from Mom & Dad for Christmas – an acoustic guitar! His face lit up when he unwrapped the oddly shaped box and saw the instrument inside.

IMG_7535 (Large)


A few days after Christmas, Grandma Lori, Grandpa Keith and his aunts Mandy, Hayley and Maddie were treated to a performance!


shake it

I’ve been so ridiculously behind on posting these adorable and hilarious videos of Marco…apologies!

Here are a few dancing videos.

Dancing with Eva (he even ‘dips’ her) to Christmas music

We love Haim around here…and yes Marco is wearing a Jimmy Eat World tee shirt 😀

More videos in the next few days!

Helping hands

Marco was quite the assistant over the winter holidays, helping his mommy make lots of goodies for friends and family.

He helped roll the molasses ginger dough in raw sugar:

IMG_5040 (Large)

IMG_5047 (Large)

He and Daddy lined up the cookies on the cooling rack (after they were already cool, don’t worry)

IMG_5053 (Large)

Marco pinched the pie crust for a pumpkin pie

IMG_5055 (Large)

IMG_5054 (Large)

He also poured dried cranberries into the oatmeal cookie dough without spilling, and tried to clean up mommy’s messes.


Yesterday Tim and I decided to find out how tall our boy is, and Mama almost couldn’t believe the tape measure… our boy is 3 feet tall! (if that whole urban legend is true, Marco will be about 6 feet when he’s an adult).

He also weighs 32 pounds. He’s actually lost a little weight since the last time we checked, but Mommy and Daddy think it’s because a certain 2 year old has decided that dinner time isn’t for eating, it’s for playing at the dinner table…

When he does eat, his favorites are:

Cheese (“What do you want for breakfast, Marco?” “Umm…cheese!”) – in all forms and types. Mozarella, cheddar, gouda, feta, fontina, gruyere, he’ll eat it all.
Watermelon (uttermelon)
Blueberries (Blue strawberries)
Blackberries (Black strawberries)
Canteloupe (Canlope)
Toast with jam
Yogurt pops – I throw yogurt and sliced straberries into a popsicle tray and freeze them, mostly so I can see Marco jump up and down and say “OGURT POPS!!!”

Other fun facts:

  • He loves trains (“Choo choo train!!”) and fire trucks the most, but trucks, tractors, cars, trailers, etc are all exciting.
  • Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird are still pretty popular.
  • He has peed into his potty a couple of times, but we’re not pushing him on the potty training right now.
  • I am a Bunny remains his favorite book, but lately he’s wanted us to read a lot of Skippyjon Jones and Curious George.
  • ‘That’s so funny!’ is his go-to phrase.
  • He can count to six, and knows most of his colors by sight – blue, orange and purple he knows the best.
  • This kid loves flash cards. He loves his Dr Seuss flash cards Grandma Denyse gave him for his birthday (numbers, shapes, and colors) and he loves the flash card apps Daddy downloaded onto his iPad. Tim downloaded one that not only says the animal name, but also makes the sound too – Marco is a big fan of making animal noises.
  • Marco wants to be just like Daddy, so in the morning he follows Tim into the bathroom to put on deodorant. Tim rubs a little on his underarm, then Marco runs to mommy so she can tell him how manly he smells. 😀
  • Marco also wants to be just like Mommy, and will sometimes steal her makeup brush and apply blush to his face.
  • Also, he likes to try on our shoes:
Snack time is definitely one of his favorite times of the day, as evidenced by this face:
And Independence Day might be his favorite holiday. This year, Marco watched Daddy light sparklers, and we woke him up from a deep sleep to climb on our roof and watch fireworks. He was giggling the whole time, pointing out the colors of each explosion. “Mama, orange!! That’s so funny!”

Going on an egg hunt

Marco celebrated his 2nd Easter last week! The Easter Bunny was very generous this year…jelly beans, books, toys! Mommy took a cue from the Bunny and made Marco special pancakes. 🙂

After a fun photo shoot (Marco picked his outfit entirely by himself, even his socks!) with Mommy, the little ham and cheese had a blast with his grandparents and great-grandparents, hunting for eggs! Marco had his family hiding eggs over and over. He even got to spend some quality time with his Aunt Chloe, taking a walk, cuddling, and chasing her around the house.

Christmas Tree farm

This year, Marco was able to fully enjoy the Christmas Tree farm (last year he was a wee thing) – and boy howdy! He loved it! We went with our neighbors, and the Gomers. It was great with all the happy kids running around in the outdoors. Here’s a few fun snaps from the adventure:

Trick or treat, I will.

Marco’s 2nd Halloween! Last year, we dressed him as Darth Vader. This year, he left the Dark Side for the Force…he was Yoda!! 😀 He was so cute I ‘squee’d about 1000 times. heh heh

How about that adorable hat? We bought it on etsy from KreativeKroshay – much cuter than the hat that came with the robe. Marco’s daycare went around the town to visit local businesses (and get candy), and they came to my office too! I was so excited to show him off to my coworkers.

You can’t see them in the pictures, but he also wore THESE shoes to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood! I want a pair.


Marco took pictures with Santa this weekend! He was more confused than anything by it, but he didn’t mind too much. 🙂 He made sure to tell Santa he’d been a very good boy this year.

1st Halloween!

Marco was just the cutest trick-or-treater ever!! We went with our neighbors, Jill and David, and their daughter, Emiline. Lots o’ fun!!

4th of July weekend