Helping hands

Marco was quite the assistant over the winter holidays, helping his mommy make lots of goodies for friends and family.

He helped roll the molasses ginger dough in raw sugar:

IMG_5040 (Large)

IMG_5047 (Large)

He and Daddy lined up the cookies on the cooling rack (after they were already cool, don’t worry)

IMG_5053 (Large)

Marco pinched the pie crust for a pumpkin pie

IMG_5055 (Large)

IMG_5054 (Large)

He also poured dried cranberries into the oatmeal cookie dough without spilling, and tried to clean up mommy’s messes.


A very late photo gallery of our Disneyland trip! 😀 This was Marco’s second trip to Disneyland, but his first time seeing it all decked out for Christmas.

It rained on the 2nd day for a few hours, but we didn’t let that deter us from having a good time! It happened to coincide with our lunch, so we feasted at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. Marco was so excited that he could see the “pirate boats!”.

His favorite rides this trip were: the train (we took the trip 5x), Pirates of the Caribbean (5x), Peter Pan, and the Haunted Mansion (2x). Another favorite was the fireworks show in front of the castle. Everyday he says “Mama, I member the castle! I member fireworks go BOOM!”

A trip to the zoo

Heading into the city – a beautiful day for the zoo!

“Dadda! Monkeys!”

big kitty

Riding the steam train with Mama

Snuggling koalas

Making friends with the goats

Marco carrying his booty – he loves a sale 😉

On the way home from the zoo, little man decided his elephant was a girl, and he named her Eva (picked all by himself!). Marco had such a good time at the zoo, Mom and Dad bought a membership!


Last month, Marco visited the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo with his mom, dad and Grandma Denyse.


The day before the trip, we showed Marco a picture of the jaguar on their website, and the entire drive over he chanted ‘Jaguar, Jaguar!’.

Grandma bought Marco a stuffed jaguar and he named it Roar. It’s now one of the more popular babies in his collection.

Trick or treat, I will.

Marco’s 2nd Halloween! Last year, we dressed him as Darth Vader. This year, he left the Dark Side for the Force…he was Yoda!! 😀 He was so cute I ‘squee’d about 1000 times. heh heh

How about that adorable hat? We bought it on etsy from KreativeKroshay – much cuter than the hat that came with the robe. Marco’s daycare went around the town to visit local businesses (and get candy), and they came to my office too! I was so excited to show him off to my coworkers.

You can’t see them in the pictures, but he also wore THESE shoes to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood! I want a pair.

1st birthday pics

I’m still waiting on pictures from the attendees of the birthday bash, as I was unable to take many photos (hard to do when you’re corralling 30 people!), but here are a few from the big celebration (Friday cupcakes at school, Sunday party with friends and family, and Monday playtime and cuddles).

Pictures :)

3 months!

UPDATES: Marco talks a little bit more now, and smiles ALL the time. He’s able to sit up with a few pillows propped around him, and if he’s lying on his tummy he can lift his head up and look around.

Marco is sleeping through the night now, and usually wakes up sometime between 7:30 and 8am. Occasionally, he will still wake up at 6:30am, but it’s no longer the norm. 🙂 Needless to say, Mama and Papa are THRILLED!

His 3 month measurements (I did them at home, his next doc appointment isn’t until next month): 40 1/2 cm head circumference, 25 1/2 inches in length, and 12 pounds, 5 ounces in weight.

Here’s a picture of Marco and Mama:

Marco makes funny faces: