1st birthday pics

I’m still waiting on pictures from the attendees of the birthday bash, as I was unable to take many photos (hard to do when you’re corralling 30 people!), but here are a few from the big celebration (Friday cupcakes at school, Sunday party with friends and family, and Monday playtime and cuddles).

Inching closer

Marco rediscovered his giraffe, Sophie, and at the same time, decided to walk with only one hand pushing his toy! He’s now comfortable only holding one of our hands, instead of both. SOOOO close to walking by himself!!!!

Picture updates…

Marco is 9 months old!!

He’s pulling himself to a stand on EVERYTHING!

He loves to stomp his feet on the ground when he wears shoes

Marco has a puzzle set that he loves to play with, though he mainly just chews on the pieces. A few days ago, however, he started to figure out that the pieces were meant to fit into the spaces, and has attempted to put them in their proper place. No success yet, but it is fun to watch him try!

He also loves this music table that we’re borrowing from the Gomers.

On Wednesday, Marco has his 9 month wellness checkup; I’ll post the height/weight updates then. 🙂


Haven’t had a chance to take cute pictures of Marco in the big bathtub until tonight… here you go:

Rubber ducky, you’re the one…

Mom!! I’m naked!


Marco is very fond of his stuffed animals, and loves to hug and chew them.

Are you trying to take my Big Bird!?

How dare you! He’s mine!

I’m onto your tricks, Mom!

I love my cow!


Some cute pictures of Marco playing in the bouncy chair:

New pictures :-)

Marco’s busy weekend consisted of swimming, playing, and cuddling with friends and family


Marco has started to get to know his toy, Sophie. Everyone says that a baby has to have one of of these special toys, and luckily, Adrienne made sure he had one. 🙂 On Friday, I snapped pictures of Marco and Sophie with my iPhone.