Bright star

Marco received a special gift from Mom & Dad for Christmas – an acoustic guitar! His face lit up when he unwrapped the oddly shaped box and saw the instrument inside.

IMG_7535 (Large)


A few days after Christmas, Grandma Lori, Grandpa Keith and his aunts Mandy, Hayley and Maddie were treated to a performance!


Ketchup 1

A few videos from Summer and Fall of 2012, and this past Spring. Mom and Dad are very behind!

Summer 2012

Fall 2012

Spring 2013

shake it

I’ve been so ridiculously behind on posting these adorable and hilarious videos of Marco…apologies!

Here are a few dancing videos.

Dancing with Eva (he even ‘dips’ her) to Christmas music

We love Haim around here…and yes Marco is wearing a Jimmy Eat World tee shirt 😀

More videos in the next few days!


Finally, video proof of our beautiful boy’s skills! 😀 He walks like he’s had too many margaritas, but it looks cuter on him than it does on me. LOL

Get your popcorn ready

It’s movie time! 🙂

Here’s Marco crawling around (9 months)

Marco learned how to walk with Mama (9 months)

And here’s little man walking with his Dino (10 months):

Finally, Marco has learned how to stand all by himself! Now we know his walking will come very very soon! (10 months)


Here’s Marco munching on some peas for the first time (this is a couple of months old, sorry!)

Pop decided to scare Marco – he thought it was funny 🙂