new pics!

Marco loves this book!


Marco enjoys watching ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’ with Mom and Dad 🙂


Finally, video proof of our beautiful boy’s skills! 😀 He walks like he’s had too many margaritas, but it looks cuter on him than it does on me. LOL

Inching closer

Marco rediscovered his giraffe, Sophie, and at the same time, decided to walk with only one hand pushing his toy! He’s now comfortable only holding one of our hands, instead of both. SOOOO close to walking by himself!!!!

Get your popcorn ready

It’s movie time! 🙂

Here’s Marco crawling around (9 months)

Marco learned how to walk with Mama (9 months)

And here’s little man walking with his Dino (10 months):

Finally, Marco has learned how to stand all by himself! Now we know his walking will come very very soon! (10 months)